Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I call this one, "So he loves you 800 dollars worth?"

This watch is fancy, and he knows it!  When presenting a gift like this to a lucky lady, it is very important for the woman to know just how much you spent on her so she can place a monetary value on your level of affection.

Rule to live by:
DO NOT tell the woman what you spent on her gift.
BUT INSTEAD leave the price tag on the item, and lightly sweep a pen over the price on the tag.  

This allows her to clearly see that you spent $800, while pretending to have been modest about the expenditure.  You sly fox!

The rim of the watch is encrusted with "delicate" (tiny) diamonds that just scream, "LOOK AT ME SPARKLE, I AM DIAMOND! " while also conveying,  "DON'T YOU DARE TAKE ME TOO SERIOUSLY,  I'M JUST A WATCH, NOT AN ENGAGEMENT RING!" 

The watch also has a small sapphire dial on the side.  The man should probably point that out a few times when presenting the gift.

This is the ideal gift for the boyfriend who wants to say, "Hey babe, look how much money I have."  

A watch in general is an excellent choice for men who also want to convey:  "I want you to know that I take this relationship seriously, serious like a business venture, and also-- I'd appreciate if you were more punctual."  

Watches are safe-- a fancy ring or a necklace can be misleading: you wouldn't want to make a woman think you like her TOO much.  Keep it professional, keep it classy, and keep the price tag on.  You like her 800 dollars worth.

Thanks for the generous gift, Chase!


  1. Be thankful it wasn't a fake price tag.HAHAHAHA

  2. HA! love it. see i usually google gifts like this to find out how much they are worth anywho, so no need to leave a tag on mine...

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